Solar Patio Roof

Proprietary, watertight luxury solar roof for residential and commercial use.
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Why Choose A Solar Roof For Your Patio?

Solar Roof Structures are watertight, and produce energy on both the roof and the ceiling of the structure by using bifacial solar modules. Our beams allow for the addition of accent lighting, and electrical for other accessories like fans, TVs, outdoor refrigerators, and more. You are only limited by your imagination on what you can do with your new outdoor space. Customize it! You can wrap the columns in wood or LVP, screen them in, install sun shades between the columns, and more.

Renewable Energy

A solar roof on your patio converts sunlight into electricity, allowing you to generate clean and renewable energy. This reduces dependence on fossil fuels and promotes a sustainable future.

Free of maintenance

The anti-corrosive materials of our Solar Patio Roof mean that they do not require maintenance or present deterioration over time. All of our structures are built to withstand tornadoes and extreme weather.

Potential cost savings

Solar energy generates electricity from the sun, reducing or eliminating the patio's energy consumption and leading to substantial long-term savings on electricity bills.

Increased Property Value

Solar panels are highly valued by homebuyers for their energy-saving potential and sustainability, making your property more attractive to potential buyers when you decide to sell.

Solar Patio Roof

The Solar Patio Roof comes in three standard color options: white, beige, and black. A chemically textured powder coat is used to apply the color, providing a more scratch resistant surface and a fashionable matte finish. Accessorize and experience all the luxuries a Solar Patio Roof has to offer.

LED Lighting

Ceiling Fans

Power Screens

SunPark Carport

The major difference between our carport and our outdoor living spaces is that the Carports use 10ft and 12ft Columns and our living spaces use 8ft and 10ft columns. The Carports are also designed with Ballards in front of the columns to protect them from collision. You can also select a carport configuration to use as a living space if you are wanting a taller structure.

Power car charging

renewable energy

LED Lighting

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